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What does it mean to not see? 

Would you still remember how to if you lost all sense of the word? 

Journey through your mind's eye in a VR post-colonial adventure game about scavenging for ingredients & memories in worlds hidden behind spice jars. Explore a rich dreamscape while following a Sri Lankan-American, blind-sighted mother-daughter relationship twisted by time. Piece together a narrative puzzle obfuscated by cultural angst in this deconstruction of hyphenated identities.

Featuring original voice acting from Yalini Dream, Venu,  Krishan and Viji Rajaratnam.

Made using Unity, Fungus, and SteamVR.

Optimised for the Rift S. 

Recommended Specifications:

Runs at a solid 120 FPS on a gaming laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060  and an Intel Core i7 processor.

Just ignore this rude man; the game is free!

Install instructions

This game requires Steam to run. It can played seated or standing, provided a clear play area. 


Finding Semolina (2).zip 957 MB

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